Misc. Snoopy Gallery (80’s and Some 70’s)

80's Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine | 80sretroplace.wordpress.com












Everyone loves Snoopy—especially those of us who grew up with Snoopy shows in the 70’s and 80’s! Here, you can find a gallery of miscellaneous Snoopy items from the 70’s and 80’s.


popular snoopy toys


Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine

80's Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine | 80sretroplace.wordpress.com



Snoopy Figurines and decor


“World’s Greatest Baseball Player” Snoopy Figurine

Snoopy Figurine: World's Greatest Baseball Player








Wooden Snoopy Football Wallhanging

Snoopy Football Wall Hanging








Snoopy Puzzles and Crafts


80’s Snoopy Puzzle

80s Snoopy Puzzle | 80sretroplace.wordpress.com







Snoopy Puzzle With “A Charlie Brown Christmas” (probably from the 90’s)

Snoopy Christmas Puzzle (A Charlie Brown Christmas) | 80sretroplace.wordpress.com







Snoopy Latchhook Kit

Snoopy Latchhook Kit


Snoopy Stationery


Snoopy Pencil Sharpener

80s Snoopy Pencil Sharpener | 80sretroplace.wordpress.com








Snoopy kitchen items


Snoopy McDonald’s Glass

80's Snoopy McDonald's Glass | 80s Retro Place (80sretroplace.wordpress.com)



Snoopy Cookie Jar













More Snoopy


Snoopy Bubble Pipe (70’s or 80’s)

Snoopy Bubble Pipe (70s or 80s)










Snoopy Wind-Up Toy

Snoopy Wind-Up Toy | 80s Retro Place (www.80sretroplace.wordpress.com













Snoopy Powder Puff

80s Snoopy Powder Puff | 80s Retro Place | 80sretroplace.wordpress.com











These snoopy items have moved!

There was so much Snoopy to post that we had to give Snoopy stuff separate pages to make it easier to find:

70s My Friend Snoopy | 80sretroplace.wordpress.com 

My Friend Snoopy



80s Snoopy Touch Tone Phone


Snoopy “Tech”




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