Crystal Barbie

80s Crystal Barbie | 80s Retro Place (’s hard to think of 80s Barbies without Crystal Barbie coming to mind. Just about every 80s girl had Crystal Barbie.

Crystal Barbie had an unforgettable gown that was shiny—but in a soft way. The iridescence in her dress and stole really did make her reminiscent of crystal.

Originally, she also had a fancy teardrop necklace and earrings to match. She also came with what could be called a “token”: a little oval plastic piece with a Barbie molded into it. The token was clear, other than an iridescence it had of its own.

Her shoes were a light gray color with tiny flecks of silver glitter.

In a nutshell, everyone loved Crystal Barbie!

Outfit: Original Crystal Barbie outfit, minus the jewelry

These 80s Barbies, shown in their original outfits, were made to resemble what they looked like in the box as much as possible. However, shoes that have been lost may have been substituted.

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