80’s and 90’s DOS/Basic Games

Did you play “Castle Adventure” (aka “Golden Wombat”) on your computer in the 80s?

If you did, you remember games that were easy and fun instead of practically impossible. Adventure games could sometimes be challenging but not too much so—after being at school or work all day, who would want to play something really difficult? A lot of DOS games were perfect distractions with just enough bells and whistles (for the 80s) to enjoy just the simple fun of playing a video game.

“Castle Adventure” was a really basic game that was just enjoyable to play. The “monsters” were things like a snake shown by a squiggly shape or an ogre shown by a little face. To fight a monster, you would run into it and press (or hold down) the arrow key (as if continually running into it).

Another popular DOS game was “Oregon Trail.”

Remember any of these?

There are a lot of other great DOS games, and many of them are available to play for free online.

And don’t worry—we haven’t forgotten about 80s Atari games. Those were just as fun and are yet to come!

In the meantime, though, it’s worth it to pay homage to these DOS games that helped start the world of gaming!

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