Happy Birthday Barbie (1983)

80s Happy Birthday Barbie (1983) | 80sretroplace.wordpress.comThere have been several versions of Happy Birthday Barbie over the years. This 1983 Happy Birthday Barbie is very “pink,” like many of the other 80s Barbies. Her outfit certainly does look like birthday attire, with nice white polka dots to liven up the fabric. A ruffle-type collar extends pretty far upward to where it can touch her chin.

The face of this Happy Birthday Barbie is a little unique, in that it is wearing pink eyeshadow. As seen in the photo, the cheeks are quite blushed, as well.

She originally came with a cute little cardboard present to complete her birthday look.

80s Happy Birthday Barbie (1983) | 80sretroplace.wordpress.com

Outfit: Original Happy Birthday Barbie (1983) dress

These 80s Barbies, shown in their original outfits, were made to resemble what they looked like in the box as much as possible. However, shoes that have been lost may have been substituted.

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