Tropical Barbie

80s Tropical Barbie | 80sretroplace.wordpress.comTropical Barbie from 1985 had some of the longest hair ever seen on an 80s Barbie doll. The hair alone was a reason to buy Tropical Barbie! She also had a counterpart that we will cover at a later time: Tropical Miko.

She indeed wore a tropical-themed swimsuit, with a pattern of a purple, yellow and turquoise flower. She also came with a yellow ruffle that went around her hair in the box (where a ponytail holder would go). The ruffle had a button so that it could be snapped onto the swimsuit at the top to adorn it.

80s Tropical Barbie |






Outfit: Original Tropical Barbie swimsuit, minus the ruffle

These 80s Barbies, shown in their original outfits, were made to resemble what they looked like in the box as much as possible. However, shoes that have been lost may have been substituted.

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