Dream Glow Barbie

80s Dream Glow Barbie | 80sretroplace.wordpress.comDream Glow Barbie was one of the 80s Barbies decked out in a gown, in (not surprisingly) Barbie doll pink colors. The premise behind Dream Glow Barbie was that the stars on her gown could actually glow in the dark. The stars were a soft whitish color and also adorned her stole.

The pink on the stole and the skirt were both a soft pink tone. The necklace she came with was the same as the necklace worn by Peaches n’ Cream Barbie.

She came with a beautiful parasol, which unfortunately was not handy at the time of this writing.



Outfit: Original Dream Glow Barbie outfit

These 80s Barbies, shown in their original outfits, were made to resemble what they looked like in the box as much as possible. However, shoes that have been lost may have been substituted.

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