Tropical Miko

80s Tropical Miko | 80sretroplace.wordpress.comUnfortunately, there is no easy-to-find explanation of who Miko is, but she seemed to be one of Barbie’s friends. Tropical Miko looks Asian or to be from an Island (perhaps Hawaii), with extremely long black hair. Her unique appearance among other dolls in the Barbie world makes her a rare find (though not necessarily an expensive collectors’ item). She is dressed exactly like Tropical Barbie and has the same length of hair.

Like our Tropical Barbie, Tropical Miko as pictured is missing a yellow ruffle that went across the top of her bathing suit and could also be worn as a hair accessory.

One of the other “friends” of Barbie was P.J., such as Dream Date P.J. and Sweet Roses P.J.

80s Tropical Miko |








Outfit: Original Tropical Miko swimsuit, minus the yellow ruffle

These 80s Barbies, shown in their original outfits, were made to resemble what they looked like in the box as much as possible. However, shoes that have been lost may have been substituted.

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