80’s Brownie Badges (Girl Scout Badges from 1981, 1982, 1983)

Were you a Brownie in the 80s? Maybe you had some of these Brownie badges…or at least you remember them!

Brownie Badges from 1981
80s Brownie Badges (Girl Scouts): 1981 | www.80sretroplace.wordpress.com
1981 Brownie badges: Halloween Fun and Caroling










Brownie Badges from 1982
80s Brownie Badges (Girl Scouts): 1982 | www.80sretroplace.wordpress.com
1982 Brownie badges: Day on the Mall, Caroling, Halloween, Cookie Rodeo and International Friendship Thinking Day











Brownie Badges from 1983
80s Brownie Badges (Girl Scouts): 1983 | www.80sretroplace.wordpress.com
1983 Brownie Badges: Cookie Rally Super Star and International Friendship Thinking Day










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