Misc. 70’s and 80’s Toys

Some toys don’t easily fall into a certain category, and may also have come out in the 70’s or early 80’s—and it’s difficult to remember exactly which decade these toys belong to. They still deserve to be highlighted, though! Did you have any of these 70’s or 80’s toys?


Freddy (?)

70s or 80s "Freddy" Dog Toy | 80sretroplace.wordpress.com

“Freddy” was probably the official name of this toy, but it’s difficult to remember if that name was just randomly given to this dog. In any case, you could push down Freddy’s tail, which wound him up, so to speak, and he would move forward on little wheels at the bottom to pick up a ball. If his mouth scooped up the ball, it would close and “hold” it.


70’s or 80’s Easy Bake Oven (Close-Ups)


70's or 80's Easy Bake Oven | 80sretroplace.com

70's or 80's Easy Bake Oven | 80sretroplace.comMost girls growing up will recognize the Easy Bake Oven from their childhood. This retro version was bright and yellow (unfortunately, the image of the full oven did not turn out). An orange stick thing came with it to manipulate the little pans it came with, and of course, it came with some mini cake packages, as well.



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