80’s Shopping Bags & Boxes

If you spent some money back in the 80’s, these might bring back some fun memories for you, from Avon bags to those times shopping at the mall.


80’s Avon Bags


“100 Years of Beauty” Avon Bag

80's Avon Bag: 000 Years of Beauty | 80's Retroplace (80sretroplace.com)



80’s Avon Christmas Bag (Year Unknown)

80's Avon Bag: Christmas (Year Unknown) | 80s Retro Place (80sretroplace.com)





80’s Harris’ underground shopping box


80's Harris' Underground Box | 80s Retro Place (80sretroplace.com)




80’s JC Penney Shopping Bag


80's JC Penney Shopping Bag | 80s Retro Place (80sretroplace.com)


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