Using Peel-Off Nail Polish as Barbie “Lipstick”

80's Barbie Restyled: Dream Date PJ in Chocolate Obsession Barbie Gown | 80's Retro Place | 80sretroplace.wordpress.comIn the post “Restyling Childhood (80’s) Barbies for Display,” it’s mentioned that peel-off nail polish was used as Barbie lipstick. This was an alternative to any permanent changes, such as face painting.

The Barbies on this site were originally played with in the 80’s, and unfortunately, one of the things they endured was having peelable Bo-Po Nail Polish applied as lipstick. For those unfamiliar, Bo-Po was at the time called “Tinkerbell Bo-Po,” and it was a nail polish that could be peeled off rather than being taken off with nail polish remover. Since doll mouths are so small, the “lipstick” was applied with the tip of a bobby pin, simply being dotted on (toothpicks were used for the restyled Barbies).

Eventually, the dolls went into storage, where they stayed for about 20 years.

When they were taken out, the peelable polish was still on and overall looked pretty good—and even peeled off of the doll mouths without any problem and without doing any damage.

Results will likely vary, though, depending on the type of nail polish used. Peelable nail polish can still be found on e-Bay—even Bo-Po is still available, though it’s no longer labeled as “Tinkerbell Bo-Po.”

If you choose to use the peelable nail polish as lipstick for dolls, remember that you do so at your own risk. It’s hard to tell how today’s peel-off polishes will affect your dolls.